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Professionals specialized
in different design areas

GATE133 has about 20-years experience in architectural design and control of civil, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects by performing technical and managerial activities during the planning, design and realization phase.

Its fields are new constructions and revitalizing existent building heritage works, both on urban and building scale and with public and private client. GATE133 has professional and qualify competences both on technical fields, urbanism, architecture and engineering, on management fields, project planning and control in multidisciplinary and complex context. The result is a professional project team offering integrated services between society and territory. Global integrated engineering defines a complete set of services that usually consists in analysis of technical-economic feasibility, structural design, architectural design, interior design, thermo-technical and electrical services design, health and safety and fire-fighting control, management of execution supported by planning activity. This approach ensures, since the conceiving phase, the optimization of the project for functionality, economy and observance of time of accomplishment.

Dedicated to research, we continually look for new techniques of construction, new materials and innovative technologies.

About us   Gate 133About us   Gate 133

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